Support the contribution to the community – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Kam Yuan Office Systems Ltd is a professional office equipment company to provide sales and maintenance services. Company requires some regular cleaning, handling, book keeping and simple factory maintenance works. In 2008, we recognized the ‘Shine Skills Centre’ which was introduced by social worker Ms. Leung. So we try to employ a student from this center to deal with the above mentioned jobs. Since each student has different strengths, they can handle the jobs very well as long as the good teaching and enhancement of their morale and work attitude. Therefore, in 2010, the company employed the second trainees by using normal guidances and follow-up to achive targetable results. The Company’s practices contribute to our society by employing this center’s students and also reduce our employees’ work load and some pressure.

March 2010, under the Division glad to hear that St. James ‘retirees obligations of the Association’ intention to establish a computer center, providing use, learning, training, and other computer-related application services to the area to those in need. Division I bounden, the relevant persons’ retirement will provide 10 units deal with good computer and simple software, and discounted prices, to the installation and the after-sales guarantee, so that the computer center as soon as possible to establish, to make contributions towards the obligation to assist organizations to achieve their desire.